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Best recipe software ever!
...John M

WRM is truly a great product, not to forget mentioning your service and direct response which I highly admire.

This web site is AWESOME. This is just what I have been looking for. Keep up the good work.

For all that I have seen out there THIS IS THE BEST and I can't wait to start entering my recipes.

I really like Web Recipe Manager. My team members and I have all been interested to learn about your program, and it is a GREAT IDEA!!! We are all so happy to have a web-based recipe management system, and I am enjoying learning how to use it.

I am most impressed with this program so far!

I looked for anything like this in the past and was unable to find a good solution. In my case, we want to create a family cookbook but our family is all over the US. So, this gives us all easy access to recipes and allows us all to maintain what is there.

I am quite impressed with your recipe software, from both it's consumer features to it's ease of administration.