Web Recipe Manager is a database driven, online recipe management system that allows you to store and manage all your personal recipes, create menu plans and shopping lists from them. This gives you access to your recipes, menu plans and shopping lists anywhere, on any device and anytime.

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Recipe Management

Text Size Selection

Select from 4 different text sizes to suit your needs when viewing and managing your recipes.

Resize Recipes

Resize a recipe by specifying a new number of serves, or whatever the yield unit is for the recipe. There is also an option to resize any related recipes at the same time. You can save the resized recipe if you like, or revert to the original recipe.

Convert Recipes

Convert a recipe that has a different measurement system than the one you use. For example convert from Metric to US units of measure.

Edit Recipes

Edit your own recipes unless you are an administrator, in this case you can edit any recipe.

Choose your Own Recipe Types or Categories

Each recipe can have as many recipe types (e.g. Entree, Side Dish) and categories (e.g. Chicken, Beef) as you like. These are not pre-defined and can be whatever you want them to be. This makes your recipes easier to find.

Recipes can be moved from one recipe type or category to another just using the right-click popup menu in the recipe menu.

Password Protection

A user name and password are required to access your shared recipes.

Add Recipes

Recipes can be copied from anywhere on the internet, or wherever you may have them stored on your computer and pasted in.

Recipes can be added manually using the recipe editor. Items which already exist in your database can be selected from dropdown lists as you type to make finding specific items easier.

Import Recipes

Recipes can be imported in bulk from other recipe databases or programs in Meal Master or CSV format.

Copy Recipes

This is very useful if you wish to create a new recipe based on a similar one.

Add Images, a video/movie or a PDF document

Ten images and a PDF document can be stored with each recipe. These can be uploaded from your PC. Any image uploaded will be automatically resized. Images can be displayed or hidden while displaying a recipe to increase/decrease screen area as desired.

Rate and comment on recipes

Each user can rate a recipe from 0 to 5 Hats or comment on it.

Dynamic Databse Driven Menu

Access to your recipes is via a menu which is dynamically built and based on the recipe types and categories you have chosen for your recipes. This menu can be displayed or hidden while displaying a recipe.


Recipes can be designated as favourites, so they appear at the top of the menu, and are easily accessed.

Related Recipes

Recipes can be linked to a related recipe, related recipes will then be displayed along with the recipe.

Print Recipes

Recipes can be printed out individually if required.

Create an eBook

Just select the recipes you wish to include, click "create" and a pdf file will be created which you can download to your PC. Then you can print it so you have a copy of your recipes on paper, or publish it on the web. It's up to you. Your eBook has optional table of contents and category title pages and includes any images/pdfs you have stored with your recipes.

Email Recipes

Recipes can be emailed to the address/addresses of your choice.

Recipe Search

There are seven methods for searching your recipes:

  • Via keyword/s.
  • Enter a list of ingredients you have at hand. You may enter as many ingredients as you wish and specify whether all or any of them must appear in the list of recipes returned.
  • By rating.
  • Select the recipe from a list of recipes in your database.
  • By Diet.
  • By cuisine.
  • By source.

Export Recipes

Recipes may be exported in Meal Master, Microsoft Word or Excel(CSV) format. You can select to export as many recipes as you wish from a list of recipes in your shared database.

Full Screen View

View a recipe in fullscreen mode, for optimal use of screen space.

User Management

Four Levels of User Access

Guest (read only), User, Administrator, Owner. See the Account Area section below for more details.

Account Area

Here you can:

  • Change your password.
  • Edit your personal details.
  • Contact us.
  • View our knowledgebase.
  • Request support.
  • Manage your preferences/defaults.
  • Manage your recipe data
    • Recipe names
    • Ingredients
    • Units of measure
    • Preparation/notes
    • Yield Units
  • Log Out

If you are an administrator you can also:

  • Manage existing users.
  • Create users.
  • Permanently delete recipes.
  • Monitor and manage recipe comments.
  • Approve recipes if this is a requirement of the database owner.
  • Manage recipe types and categories for your shared database

If you are owner of the shared database you can also:

  • Remove your account
  • Transfer ownership of your shared database
  • Determine whether recipe approval is required for your shared database

Responsive Design

Displays correctly on any device - Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone

Menu Planner

Plan up to a week of meals. You can simply drag recipes from the menu to add them to your menu. Menus can be saved, deleted or edited.

Shopping Lists

Shopping lists can be generated from your weekly menu.

Recipes can also be dragged from the menu to add the ingredients to your list.

All ingredients will have either the image of the recipe(if stored with the recipe) or it's name so you can identify where the ingredient came from.

To remove all the ingredients for a recipe from the list just click on the image or name.

Extra items can be added or items removed before printing or viewing in shopping mode at your supermarket.

Ingredients can be organised into Aisles which you can order as you wish to match those in your local supermarket.

There is also a built in exclusion list where you can select ingredients that you don't want to be added to your shopping lists. Things like water, pepper and salt, or other things you always have on hand.

Shopping lists can be saved for future use.

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