frequently asked Questions

1: Is this just another recipe portal?

No, definitely not. Web Recipe Manager is your own private recipe database. No one else has access to it unless they have your user name and password. You have total control of the recipes in your database and can add, import, edit or delete them at your will.

2: What does Web Recipe Manager do?

WRM is a web based application that allows you to manage all your recipes anywhere you have access online. You can create recipes one by one through the recipe editor, where you can either enter ingredients one at a time, or cut and paste them all in one hit. You can also import your recipes in bulk, using Meal Master or CSV format.

3: Can I Import recipes from other recipe databases?

You can import recipes from other systems if they have an export function. Meal Master and CSV formats are supported.

4: Can I import my recipes into other recipe software?

Web Recipe Manager allows you to export recipes in Meal Master, Microsoft Word or CSV format. So you can import your recipes into any recipe software that supports imports in these formats. Please let us know if there are any other formats you would like us to consider.

5: How do I backup my recipes?

You can backup your recipes by either exporting them in Meal Master, Microsoft Word or CSV format, or creating an eBook. Please let us know if there are any other formats you would like us to consider.

6: What can I do to help make improvements?

We appreciate any feedback that will help us make this recipe software work better, more efficiently or smarter.

7: Do you have plans for the future?

Web Recipe Manager will continue to evolve, we will continue to make improvements, add new functionality and generally make the system work better in every little way.

8: I've forgotten my password

Select Password Reset in the menu (this will either be at the top of the page, or in the expandabile menu on the left - depending on the size of the device you are using) to access the password reset form

You can then enter either your user name or email address to have a new password sent to the email address we have on file for you.